The Lawson & Murphy Advantage

Odds are good that your staff does not have spare time needed to pursue and collect overdue accounts.  Odds are even better that if they attempt it, they quickly will encounter significant obstacles.

Why waste time and money?

The Lawson & Murphy team brings you a combined 135 years of debt collection expertise across all sectors, with nationwide and global reach.  That means you gain a partner that knows exactly how to locate, research, contact, negotiate, and collect on your behalf.

Your accounts will be handled only by Lawson & Murphy long-term professionals — not outsourced to temps or trainees.  You can expect superior results from a “deep bench” of proven debt collection experts using leading edge technology and the latest private access databases.

Any firm can make calls or send demand letters. Lawson & Murphy takes additional preparation time to understand your priorities — and tailor a collection plan to meet your most critical needs.

You may only want full payment as quickly as possible. Or you may be concerned with collecting the debt AND keeping the client.  For highly sensitive matters, Lawson & Murphy can make first contact as an extension of your office; if payment results from such a courtesy call, your client need not even know a third party collector is involved.

Put Lawson & Murphy to work on your accounts receivable.  You can choose to share a single invoice, a whole portfolio, or all your ARs moving forward.   Chat now to get started!

We assist clients who manage acute financial and organizational sensitivities. We have seen Lawson & Murphy dovetail seamlessly and produce more results in a month than other firms did in a year.

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Put Lawson & Murphy to work for you.