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Wherever your Company does business, our Professional Agents aggressively collect your overdue accounts in the USA, Mexico, & Canada — using all available legal options.


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Lawson & Murphy commercial debt collection professionals know how to recover all types of debt owed to businesses. 

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All B2B Debt Collection:

Oil & Gas Industry Debt Collection

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ALL Business “Past Due” Accounts



Lawson & Murphy can collect your past due accounts from all service companies, operators, drillers, manufacturers, transportation providers, and contractors & service accounts.

With an aggressive and professional collection approach, Lawson & Murphy protects your bottom line from complex risks of high-value transactions inherent in your work.


Wherever your company is based, we recover your late North American business accounts.


Don’t spend valuable time and money away from your primary work.  With our team on your side, you can prioritize discretion, or speed, or total financial return.  The Lawson & Murphy team will collect maximum funds with minimal complications.  We even can optimize your AR process to minimize accounts that do not collect the first time.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Lawson & Murphy works “at risk” and expects no fee without results.  You pay only for success, with shared benefit depending on the type and age of accounts.


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B2B & Commercial Debt Collection Services for All Sectors

If you are seeking the best U.S. commercial debt collection agency — or a debt collection lawyer/debt collection attorney — let Lawson & Murphy collect your accounts and protect your bottom line. Our B2B & commercial debt collection services include effective bilingual debt collection, convenient online debt collection , and debt collection options to handle all your needs. We handle local debt collection, nationwide debt collection, and North-American debt collection (Mexico & Canada) for US and international debt collection clients. We are one of the most successful commercial debt collection agencies in the country with debt recovery expertise in all sectors: oil & gas, oilfield, pipeline & drilling, manufacturing, HVAC, wholesale/retail, shipping, logistics, aviation & aircraft, trucking & transportation, agriculture, equipment & machinery, plumbing & plumbing supply, construction, commercial banking & financial services, utility, sewer/water works, bakery, supply chain, education & nonprofit, and more. 

Full suite business consulting:  Lawson & Murphy also can help you negotiate business debt, secure loans or alternative financing, procure or liquidate equipment, improve sales, and arrange invoice factoring.  Ask for a free review.

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