About Lawson & Murphy

For over 20 years, Lawson & Murphy regularly has recovered millions of dollars owed to clients.  From Texas oil fields to European airports to Trans-Pacific shipping — Lawson & Murphy has one job: getting you paid when you do your job.

With Lawson & Murphy, you do not need to know about crossing state lines or national borders or multiple jurisdictions.  You simply share your invoices or contracts, and the Lawson & Murphy team takes care of everything.

Lawson & Murphy turns your delinquent accounts into positive cash flow. There are no hidden fees – and no cost at all if no collection.

Let Lawson & Murphy collect your most difficult accounts:

  • International debts
  • Small or self-employed debtors
  • Mobile or renamed or disappearing entities.
  • High Value Transactions
  • Multi-party Agreements

Lawson & Murphy can collect your debts, improve your bottom line, and upgrade your balance sheet.

Use the Lawson & Murphy debt collection experts before your ARs begin to pile up.  You also can gain significant benefit before facing audits, closing end of year books, seeking financing, or conducting sensitive negotiations.

With offices throughout the USA, Lawson & Murphy services all US, North & South American, and Global accounts.

Whether you run a small business, a mid-sized company, a corporation — or even a nonprofit— Lawson & Murphy is your team of national and global debt collection experts.

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